Why Join PAS

* Attain Recognised Qualifications.

* Become an award winning artist.

* Exhibit to our specially targeted audience & industry sector in over 100 countries.

* Learn, inspire, network & share with like minded friendly individuals.

* 1-2-1 Mentoring Program

* Support, guidence & help.

* Raise your profile & visibility.

* increase sales & secure commissions.

* Be a featured photographer / photographic artist.

* Help global communties who are not so fortunate through the love of photography with us.

The Photo Art Society is firstly the peoples society, a global organization who love photography.

PAS benefits from being a charity, a non profit organization with corporate status, limited by guarantee. Serving both members & communities globally.

PAS is unique and the first of its kind in the photographic industry. It created the market place it leads, while setting the standards for those that follow.

PAS is the peoples society ©